Malevolence // Semi-Modular Explorations

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Malevolence // Semi-Modular Explorations

Venus Theory

Combining the raw, gritty, visceral sound of analog with the PWM Malevolent, Cre8Audio East Beast and West Pest paired with lush effects and additional processing comes my latest Decent Sampler library: Malevolence.

Malevolence is a curated library of semi-modular synth patches enhanced with boutique pedals and modular effects to create a stunning sonic palette with cinematic flair.

Created for the free Decent Sampler Plugin

What's Inside:

  • 1 DS Library File
  • 5 Bass Patches
  • 5 Key/Lead Patches
  • 5 Pad/Drone Patches
  • 5 Raw Patches

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2.08 GB
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