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Primetra // Nostalgic Virtual Analog

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Created for the free Decent Sampler Plugin

Say howdy to Primetra: a brand new Decent Sampler library capturing the quirky sonic character of the (arguably) iconic MS2000, a beloved synthesizer that heavily influenced the soundscapes of some of my favorite early 2000s gaming soundtracks.

This collection is set to transport you back to a time of engrossing pixelated adventures and unforgettably (possibly cheesy) melodies and iconic pads. Primetra recreates the 'warmly digital', nostalgic character of the MS2000 captured directly from the unit in pristine 192k, delivering a unique sound palette brimming with that familiar warmth and (apparently now) retro charm.

Each patch and texture in Primetra evokes a a bygone era of gaming with lush pads, deep basses, and characterful leads that defined a generation of soundtracks.

Primetra is ideal for adding that 00's nostalgic magic into your next production. Whether you're a game developer seeking to evoke a sense of retro wonder, a musician looking to give a nod the golden age of console gaming, or simply someone looking to tap into the disgustingly vibrant Frutiger Aero energy of the early 00s, Primetra is the perfect tool to ignite your sonic imagination.

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Primetra // Nostalgic Virtual Analog

41 ratings
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