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Thyssia // Cassette Vocal Textures

Venus Theory

What do you get when you cross someone with nothing better to do, a client project to score, and a $5 tape recorder?

There's probably a clever punchline there somewhere, but this is a Decent Sampler library focused on the nostalgic flavor of crappy cassette tape.

This project was created for my own personal library, but I decided to release it because I think others will find these sounds very useful as well!

Blending vocals, analog synthesizers, and 'evolved' textures, Thyssia is my take on the gritty nostalgic sound of tape perfect for providing a cinematic underbed, a subtle hint of spice, or a layer of organic undulating tape-y movement to your productions.

Created for the free Decent Sampler Plugin

What's Inside:

  • 1 DS Library File
  • 20 Layered Patches
  • 10 'Evolutions' Patches With Manipulated Vocal Recordings

Demo 2 by Shameless Plugs

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1000 MB

Thyssia // Cassette Vocal Textures

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